MULTICOLOR Sea Turtle Holder


  • EUR: € 16.00

MULTICOLOR Baby Sea Turtle Holder made of trash plastic bottle lids to hold phones, glasses and others.

Flat transportation cost per order outside Thailand of 10USD.

MULTICOLOR Baby Sea Turtle Holder that allows to hold phones (*), glasses, business cards, pens and others.

All the Baby Sea Turtle Holders shown in the photos are available (LATEST UPDATE September 13th 2021).

If you like a specific unit, please mention it in #Order Notes# with a brief description of your chosen one. 

This Baby Sea Turtle Holder is made of 40 trash plastic bottle lids approximately collected mainly around the beaches of Phuket.

As each Baby Sea Turtle Holder is individually produced, its color pattern may be considered unique and will depend on the plastic bottles lids used.

The Baby Sea Turtle Holder is contained in a recycled cartoon package with #SaveUsFromPlastics story.

(*) Phones wider than 11mm will not fit in the holding gap. However, wider phones can be reclined on the top of the Baby Sea Turtle Holder as the neck has been designed to give support in this position.


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