Who we are?

We are an European family including our twin daughters of 15 years old living in Phuket (Thailand) since August 2018. While enjoying these amazing landscapes, our awareness about plastic pollution has grown every other day and we decided to start our plastic recycling family run project under the name of SaveUsFromPlastics.


Our Aim

To contribute to reduce plastic pollution from our oceans, beaches and other landfills which will help to conserve endangered marine animals.

What do we do?

We collect trash plastic bottle lids from beaches and other landfills and transform them into useful designs with shapes of endangered marine animals.


How do we transform lids?

After cleaning and separating the lids by colors, we shred the lids into small flakes. Then, we put the flakes in an injection machine that will melt and transform them into new products. Each new product requires a creative design with its mould.  


Our first useful product

We chose a baby sea turtle hatching from its egg as first product because is an endangered marine animal very popular in Thailand. Every year, many of them are affected by plastic pollution and fishing techniques. 

This design allows to hold phones, glasses, pens and other items that your imagination may allow you. Besides it, its unique colorful pattern can decorate any corner of your home reminding about plastic pollution and endangered marine life.


How to support

Shop our
Baby Sea Turtles.

Acquiring 1 Baby Sea Turtle means that you are saving from our environment 40 plastic bottle lids which could  potentially damage our marine sea animals. 

With your contribution, we will continue collecting trash plastic bottle lids and create more products! Thank you!

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